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Powerful Roast monitoring

Put background record,
Watch temperature difference

Put the roasting record you want to compare in the background.
Continue to check the temperature difference from the previous record.
Allows you to reproduce repeated roasting completely.
It's easy to figure out when roasting new coffee.

Roasting stages Calculation
in Real time

Ratios of roasting stage such as DTR are calculated in real time.
You can easily view and compare it in the history list.
Use ratios of roasting stage as an indicator for consistent roasting QC.

Save frequently used chart settings

Quickly change the chart range when using multiple roasters or roasting in different styles.
Save the chart settings you want to use frequently and recall them right away.
Don't worry if it takes more time during roasting or if the temperature rises high. Automatically recognizes and changes the chart range.

Improve additional work efficiency

Search and filter
for finding record

All roasting records are stored in the cloud and can be quickly found anywhere, anytime.
Quickly search for saved records by roaster, green beans, and batch names.
You can filter search results by various criteria.
Don't try to think of a better file name to search for anymore.

Automatically calculated
coffee inventory

Record your initial inventory information on green beans.
When roasting, fill in weight of charge and drop.
The inventory will be calculated automatically.
You can also save the inventory you modified in the middle along with the memo.

Record comparison
reflecting various variables

Do not simply compare roasting records.
Put the variables that affect roasting together and compare them.
You can verify that a number of productions are consistently roasted consistently.
Find out how the new coffee differs from other similar coffee.

Here's how to use Firescope in detail

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Basic Plan
$ 20 / a month (excluding VAT)
Includes all features of Firescope
Support technical problem
For the first month, it's free!
After the free period, you will be automatically informed of the payment method.

A variety of coffee roasters
are using this solution in Korea

for Specialty Coffee

for Large Amount Production

for Education

Firescope User Reviews

Temperature sampling rate from a roasting machine is faster than that of Artisan
Roastery Cafe A, using Easyster
All of your roasting history is stored on the server, so you don't have to back up your files separately
Roastery Cafe D, using Probat P5
I can use roasting records and green bean care at a lower price than Cropster

Head roaster of Roasting Factory B, using Giesen W15A
I like the UI and intuitive way to use it
Home Roaster Mr. Lee
Faster updates and feedback reflections make it increasingly better, so it's paid software, but it's worth paying for
Probatino user
Easy recording during roasting and analysis of results increased production reproducibility
Diedrich user


What roasting machines can I use Firescope on?
Firescope can connect with Probat, Giesen PLC, Diedrich and Phidget.
Also works with most roasting machines that use the MODBUS protocol. If you are not sure about it. Please contact us.

We are planning to increase the number of roasting machines that we support according to the request.
Does the roasting machine work only if I register my card?
You can use all functions the same as well as the roasting machine link during the free period without payment or card registration.
I don't remember the password.
Please log out and use the reset password button under the login.

Try it for free and experience the difference.
It's definitely different from the previous roasting

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